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"My husband gave me a membership to your Lingerie of the Month Club last Christmas and I have to admit, it’s the best gift he’s given me ever. I’ve received 3 shipments and been more than pleased with each selection that I’ve received thus far. I think he set me up for a full year so I’m really looking forward to seeing what else shows up on my doorstep each month. "
Danna F., Albuquerque, NM
"…I get all excited about each shipment before I even open them! My husband and I have even done a few of the complementary techniques that are featured in the members area and they turned out really well. We’ve been members for a little over a year now, and when we saw your request for feedback in your newsletter, we wanted to respond since you’re doing such a good job! Thanks for putting out a great service."
Sandra W., Columbus, OH
"…I’m a huge fan and was so happy to hear that you were offering more then my standard gift! I’ve been very happy with the selections that you’ve sent. I liked all but one in 6 months very much and even reordered more of a couple selections. I really look forward to my box arriving each month! Keep it up!"
Gary C., Chicago, IL
"…I just wanted to make sure that you recognized Christine in your customer service department because she is a pure pleasure to work with. I was in a tight situation the other week and had to come up with a gift for my boyfriend at the last minute. Christine told me about your clubs and we ended up setting up a membership. There wasn’t time for her to send a gift card, so she offered to fax or email the card, or to walk me through creating one! I printed it in color on nice stationary and signed it… it looked wonderful! I was hoping for just one solution and Christine offered me three. I guess I was surprised and just really impressed with that kind of service to the customer. Seems you don’t find enough of it anymore. Or at least I don’t! So make sure you acknowledge her for a job well done!"
Andrea, St. Paul, MN
"I just had to drop you a quick email to tell you that the Black Satin Robe with Lace Detail and G-String was one of the best Lingerie pieces I’ve enjoyed in years. I was really quite surprised to stumble across such a gem in a lingerie club, but I’ve found at least two that I can think of that really impressed me. The other was the White Corset Bustier with G-String that came a few months before. I received this membership as a gift and if you keep sending me Lingerie of this caliber, I’ll definitely renew my membership!"
Rene N., Charlotte, NC
"I agreed to email you guys a testimonial, but after I wrote it, I realized that I really have to remain anonymous for obvious reasons! Last year, I gave a 12-month gift membership of your club to my biggest crush thinking that it would give me an excuse to stop by each month to show the monthly gifts and see what else was going on…translation, I wanted to see him! Now I can’t say that your club has been the primary cause of me landing my crush this year or anything like that, but I can tell you that I’m renewing "his" gift this year and maybe getting one for my sister too! It’s really gone a long way towards building our relationship. So from that perspective…I LOVE your service! Thanks!"
"Thought I’d drop you a quick email since your customer service person was so friendly and helpful. She said you were collecting testimonials for your web site, and I thought I could take 5 min. to type up a quick note for you. There are several things I really like about the service. The first and foremost is that the Lingerie truly do Spice up a love life. In the last 6 months, I’ve received excellent Lingerie that was thrilling for my wife. Anyway, that’s my two cents worth! Hope that helps!"
Dave K., Berwyn, IL
"My husband and I have been extremely impressed with your selections. You must have someone that really knows what they’re doing lining up your selections for each month. We especially liked the Blue Embroidered Chemise. It was exceptional! Keep up the good work as they say!"
Maggie and Joe, NY, NY
"A note to let you know how impressed I am with your Club! My wife and I look forward to receiving our selections every month. We have a lot of fun talking about them and using them. I’ve even begun ‘ordering’ some other products with special deals offered in the members area! I’ve encouraged my brother, sister, and parents to all join! Keep it up."
John S., Minneapolis, MN
"I have to say, I’m most impressed with the selections that I’ve received. When I first signed up, I was skeptical. It sounded a bit too good. It’s almost impossible to draw your face away from just looking at some of the beautiful lingerie but you’ll be glad that you did."
Maryanne J., Loveland, CO
"I have The Lingerie Month Club on my 'favorites' on my web browser and I always look at them first when I need to find the perfect gift for someone 'important' on my gift list. I use them year round for different occasions. Their customer service is AWESOME and I am NEVER disappointed."
Maddie, Spanish Fort, AL
"Hi Guys, Just a quick note to tell you that my first shipment went way beyond my expectations, and so did my second month. also, I have contacted your customer service dept. by phone, and have to tell you that they are the nicest reps. I've ever dealt with. They are helpful, friendly ... it's like talking to a friend! I will continue to recommend your company. "
"I got the Lingerie Month Club for my brother and his wife as a wedding present. They loved it, and said it was their only "gift that kept on giving!" Getting a new exciting piece of lingerie a month was a great way for them to remember the fun they had at their wedding, and to appreciate the person who gave the gift... me! They also told me they really enjoyed reading the newsletter. My brother said he was learning new things that made a newly weds life that much more ...fun. So I’m hoping they will give me the same thing when I get married! If not I may just have to get it for myself."
Michelle, San Diego, CA
"I am just writing to let you know that I have given memberships to your Lingerie club three different times, and everyone who has received it says nothing but good things. The various things you guys offer combined with the great information that comes with every membership really make for the perfect gift. Keep up the great work, we love it!"
M.D., Boston, MA
"Dear Leatherandlaceclub.com Lingerie of the Month Club, Last year at Christmas I was browsing the Internet trying to find the 'perfect' gift for my husband who does so much for me, not just at Christmas, but all year through. It just didn't seem to be enough to give him something special just once each year as thanks for all he does. Unfortunately with my very hectic life and little time I knew that trying to remember each month to pick up something special or do something special would be near impossible. I was SO THRILLED when I found your club. Not only is it the PERFECT gift but it will also last all year. He was so excited about the club. The best part is that He was thrilled but I also get to benifit as well, I get to feel that I am sexy and that leads to me showing more appreaciation for everything that he does for me."
Erin, West Warwick